STEP 1. Install a Tumalow SmartTile
Contact Tumalow  directly or work through one
of our channel partners to order your monitoring
equipment. We will supply everything you need
to monitor and track your energy usage. 

STEP 2. Take your Tumalow SmartTile for a Demonstration Run
Tumalow will remotely monitor your energy use
during the demonstration period and learn how
your building uses power. We will work with you
and/or our channel partners to customize a
storage solution that will cut your monthly 
energy bills.

STEP 3. Install energy storage solution
Once an energy storage solution is installed, 
Tumalow software will control when your 
system charges and discharges in order to optimize 
your electric savings. Tumalow software will also 
remotely enable backup power if grid power fails 
(i.e. there is a blackout). 
STEP 4. Use real time data to manage your energy use
Below is a video demonstrating the customer dashboard that you will have access to 24/7 in order to see exactly how much power your building is using and how much money you have saved.